Leaders in setting trends and design with strong impeccably built boats that exceed the industry standards. Bennington came about when a small group of industry veterans came together in 1997. Their focus then was to build a boat brand that was regarded as the best built. That focus was achieved early on. It’s reassuring to know the same founders apply the same principals and firmly believe that when you do the right thing, everything else falls into place. Bennington remains a family owned business and you’re invited to join the Bennington family.


Whether you buy an entry level S Series or the top of the line QX Series, it’s reassuring to know that every Bennington is designed, engineered and hand built with an uncompromising level of detail. Every boat is built using the highest quality materials whether meticulously searching the raw material stainless steel hardware or ultra-premium vinyl.

– Every Detail Matters!


There’s no need to compromise on luxury with Bennington who offers the industry’s most sophisticated seating. With a carefully selected blend of five high-density foam compressions coupled with ergonomic design you’ll be so comfortable it’s like having your own lounge room on the water. But it doesn’t stop there, there’s design elements like self draining channels to dispel water and now, even better ultra-premium quality vinyl that cleans easier and resists staining, moisture and mildew like never before.

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Bennington is renowned for its luxurious interiors and unsurpassed quality upholstery. Using the finest craftspeople and as shown below, Simtex TM is an easy to clean, soft to touch ultra premium vinyl which is found in many world class yachts that cost millions.

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It’s no surprise Bennington pontoons ride smoothly even in rough waters. This is achieved by not compromising on the important things. Cross members are thicker and provide more vertical strength than those found on most pontoons. Coupled with Bennington’s extruded M brackets (which are spread wider on the tube for greater stability) and a deck fastened with fanged elevator SS bolts and nylok nuts, twisting is greatly minimised so you can enjoy the quietest and most solid ride in the industry.

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How do you build a quality boat, one bolt at a time…

Bennington choose to secure their marine treated ply decks to the cross members with SS fanged elevator bolts. In the image below you can see how the fanged bolts bite into the deck with a greater surface area for more stability. They are also secured with SS nylon lock nuts. In Australia’s mostly saltwater applications, many others use screws which quickly corrode because of salt and dissimilar metals coming into contact leaving you vulnerable. Also note Bennington cross members are significantly thicker 6.35mm, higher 75mm AND the internal corners have a radius making them so strong compared to many others who use 3.175mm thick cross members and screws.

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Fully-welded aluminum construction ensures a far stronger and more rigid structure over the faster and cheaper method of single or even double surface welds.

Note the fully welded four sides to Bennington frames and wall panels ensuring a more rigid and far stronger structure over cheaper and faster single or double welded frames. Also note many others weld after the frame has been anodised where Bennington weld first then anodise the frame ensuring better saltwater protection.

pontoon boats for sale in Australia

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Our bow decks and corner channels are reinforced with heavy-gauge anodized bow trim to lessen the possibility of damage and all under deck wiring is encased in conduit ensuring better protection.